Michelle Rhee: WTF??!

So what exactly is D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee's idea of good teaching?

A highly skilled teacher should never have more than five instances of "inappropriate or off-task behavior" by students within a half-hour of class time. At least three times in that span, an instructor should respond to students' correct answers by "probing for higher-level understanding" of the idea being discussed. And no more than three minutes of teaching time should be lost to poor organization or planning.
h/t Core Knowledge

The thing about these kinds of prescriptions is that they are not really in the control of the teacher. Sure, sometimes the teacher can control all aspects of a child's behavior (I don't really believe that) but sometimes, a kid is just going to freak out, be off task, and there's not one thing the teacher can do about it. And Rhee will ding that teacher!

You should read the comments at the link. Good stuff.

Michelle Rhee is a tool.

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