The Unionization of Charters: Inevitable

There have been MSM news items, a blog post or two about the fact that some charter schools are beginning to unionize, and how some fear this. Let be be the first to say that unions have helped the American worker. What? I am not the first? You mean we all owe the 40 hour work week, overtime pay and safe working conditions to unions? Oops. Sorry.

What we are seeing, as the Broads and the Gates' attempt to privatize and control education, is the same thing that always happens when an oligarch presses too much...the plebs begin to revolt; in the case of charter schools and their horrible, anti-union tactics, the teachers who are mostly young and new are seeing the benefits of a union, and they are unionizing, just like in the mean old days.

The charter movement oligarchs, as they take over public education and make billions doing it (basically what we have with health care now) will transform education into what it already is--an inefficient, hostile, prison-like, shallow, fearful entity, where the end is more important than the means; education is a process, not a means to an end.


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