If They Tell You They Will Close The Achievement Gap....

The achievement gap cannot be closed by schools. So when your school district sends home a note with your kid telling you that is what they plan to do, ask them how, seeing as how NOBODY has figured it out yet (except most of the teachers who have not been asked!). It may be that schools are not the place to address the issue. Could the issue be poverty? Why, yes it could!

*How many of the linked "student centered reforms" have you heard touted at your school? I have heard them all! And they haven't worked. Yet...(don't hold your breath)

From Wikipedia:
Standards based education reform

Largely refuting the findings of differential performance between groups with different income and education characteristics are the beliefs of the standards based education reform movement adopted by most education agencies in the United States by the 21st century. By studying other nations with a national education policy, setting clear, attainable world class standards of performance, using standards based assessment with the incentive of a high school graduation examination, and *other student-centered reforms such as whole language, block scheduling, multiculturalism, desegregation, affirmative action, standards-based mathematics and inquiry-based science, it is believed that all students of all races and incomes will succeed. None of these aforementioned reforms have raised student achievement. The No Child Left Behind federal legislation indeed requires as a final goal that all students of all groups will perform at grade level in all tests, and show continual improvement from year to year, or face sanctions, though some have noted that schools with the highest number of poor and minorities generally face the greatest challenges to meet these goals. Advocates of a rigorous, traditional education point out that the institutions which produce outstanding minority achievement are not based on student-based, constructivist reforms, or curricula focused on racial equity as an explicit goal.

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