Why Is There An Achievement Gap?

Diane Ravitch on the McKinsey report:
But Klein and Sharpton use it [the McKinsey Report] to say something that the report itself does not say, which is that the only reason that the gap exists is because of subpar teachers and principals. Thus, if a school system can change its teachers and principals, the gaps should close. Klein has been in charge of the New York City public school system for the past seven years. He has replaced 80 percent of its principals during this time; the number of teachers he has replaced has not been reported. Yet according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, there has been no decline in the achievement gap among racial and ethnic groups in New York City since Klein took charge. [emphasis mine]
All data points to poverty as the main reason for the achievement gap. But when moneyed interests get to pay for biased research, anything can be the cause of the gap!

Resist the temptation to blame teachers and schools. Blame poverty. Then end it.

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