Happy Birthday Charles Darwin

Charles Robert Darwin was born on February 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury, England. Darwin’s father was Robert Darwin, a physician; and his grandfather, Erasmus Darwin, was a famous philosopher and naturalist. Darwin’s mother, Susannah Wedgwood, died when he was eight years old (Wyhe, 2002). Charles showed great interest in collecting things, especially beetles. At the age of sixteen Darwin was sent to study medicine at Edinburgh University. Because of his repulsion of surgery without the use of anesthesia and lack of interest in medicine, Darwin earned poor grades and his father sent him to the University of Cambridge where he was to become a clergyman. He stayed at the University of Cambridge for three years and continued to do poorly in academia. In 1828, Darwin was introduced to John Stevens Henslow, a cleric-botanist and his biology professor. Henslow’s mentorship led to Darwin’s interest in science.

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