TFT's Health Updated

I went to my follow-up today. The CT looks good according to the doc. My blood work looks good. So, I am fine.

There is one bit of bad news, though it does not involve my lifespan, fortunately. The drug I was on for one year is a brand new drug for my illness (it had been developed for another illness, and was deemed useful for my ailment the day I began it...so it is new and the jury is still out on some of the issues surrounding many new drugs; how long to take it, dosage, etc;) The recommendation was that I take it for a year, and I did. It is just a pill, but it does come with its side effects, like headaches, stomach upset, slow healing, and many others, mostly mild when you compare them to chemo that is injected and makes your hair fall out!

Today my doctor told me that the consensus is that I might as well continue to take it. There are some European studies still in the works, as well as others here in America. When these studies are concluded, we may know more about how long one should remain on the drug. But until then I need to go back on, just to be safe, because there is a chance of a recurrence.

I am not happy about this development. It costs a mere $20/month, but I was getting used to the extra $20/month! And now that my health insurance just doubled, I am especially bummed. I also do not like the 2 hours or so of discomfort that comes after I take the drug after dinner each night. And it makes going out a bit tough. But I think if I eat better (its hard to stay fed due to the surgery) the stomach discomfort will be less.

Anyway, I am fine, the drug is not debilitating, and I am not too bummed about it. Just bummed enough.

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