Shhhhhhhh! Obama Will Win Big, But Shhhhhhhhh!

Polls by themselves are dubious. The aggregate polls we have all been seeing this election are far less dubious due to the sheer number and consistency. But they seem to be tightening. I say, not really. Here's why:

CELL PHONES. Yes. Cell phones are not included in many polls. Who uses cell phones as their only phone? Young folks. Who are young folks going to be voting for? Obama. None of the polls take this into account (well, some do, and they predict a bigger win for Obama, like I do).

So, when the pollsters call, they are not calling cell phones, they are calling land lines. The polls are simply leaving out a bunch of data. It's not their fault, it's just true.

So, turn off you cell phone, don't answer any pollster's questions, and watch Obama win bigger than you thought, like I predicted a few days ago.

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