Bernie Sanders: Let's Vote!

Bernie wants the rich to pay for the shitpile. He has an amendmanet for it. It will be put up for a vote! But, just a voice vote. Why? Because Congress is filled with wimps! Read it.
The U.S. Senate Thinks America Is Stupid

by: David Sirota

Wed Oct 01, 2008 at 13:19

In case you thought this whole debate over the bailout wasn't an insult to your intelligence, I have news from the U.S. Senate: While Bernie Sanders' amendment taxing millionaires to pay for the bailout will be allowed up for a vote tonight, it will ONLY be allowed up for an anonymous voice vote - that is, the unanimous consent agreement allowing the amendment to be voted on requires it to be voted on in a way that allows senators to not take a public position on it. Because of this, the outcome of the "vote" is already decided - it won't pass.

This is a perfect symbol of how this whole thing is a disgusting travesty designed to fool the country. They pretend to allow a simple vote on whether to make the wealthy pay for this - but they will only allow such a vote in a way that no U.S. Senator actually has to take a position, and therefore in a way that the presiding officer can simply say "the nays have it" and that's it. They can PRETEND to have a vote on something responsible, even though the vote is RIGGED FROM THE START.

Whether you support this amendment or not, it is the process that should insult you. This is the behavior of a politburo - pretend to the cameras that the government is acting on behalf of "the people" while the only vote that is about people is one that is already decided - and decided negatively.

The U.S. Senate thinks Americans are idiots.

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