The Democratic Platform: We Sort Of Like NCLB

We have an education angle in the new Democratic Platform. Unfortunately it bends towards the kind of reform I think is dangerous to public education. You can read about it here. Here is a key snippet:
We will promote innovation within our public schools–because research shows that resources alone will not create the schools that we need to help our children succeed. We need to adapt curricula and the school calendar to the needs of the 21st century; reform the schools of education that produce most of our teachers; promote public charter schools that are accountable; and streamline the certification process for those with valuable skills who want to shift careers and teach.
They are embracing the research meme, charter schools, and have removed opposition to vouchers. Michell Rhee surely will be advising Obama soon. Ugh!

Update: I realize that research is crucial to knowledge. I love and revere science, the scientific method, evolution, and chocolate. Education research has issues of validity many other research endeavors don't have. The whole "research-based" pedagogy thing is problematic because when you look at teaching, it appears more art than science; or maybe art based in science. It's more like jazz. It's hard to teach jazz, you can either do it, or not.

Update II: I wrote this in June, and it relates.

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