I just received a robocall from Hollywood Video. They were trying to get me to sign up for something. Of course, when I hung up on them, and then picked back up, they were still there. It takes a few seconds for the line to disconnect. The only way to get off the list is to call them back. If you don't have caller ID, that could be a problem. So, I call them back, at their 888-285-5905 number, and after pressing myriad buttons, and following directions, I think I have successfully removed myself from their list.

There is a button you can push to hear their privacy policy. The funny thing about the recording regarding the privacy policy is that it sounds, well, smarmy. Like they know they are assholes, but they have the law on their side (which they mention) so they are allowed to annoy you at dinnertime, legally, even though their message makes it sound as if they understand the immorality, invasiveness, and assholeishness of their position. Reminds me of someone....

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