Educational Research: Is It Real? Do They Know the P Value?

Here is a review of some reading strategies used to improve student comprehension. I think the above chart speaks for itself. Most of the staff development is useless, and school boards, superintendents and principals just keep making us do it. They claim they read the research, but it is clear they either don't, or read it verrrry selectively!


Anonymous said...

I don't agree that the chart (and accompanying article) supports your position that reading strategies are useless. According to the chart, half of the strategies identified ARE effective, at least (according to the article) in a limited way.

Unknown said...

They are not completely useless. They are mainly useless. Just look at how many of the "strategies" are simply "teaching". My point is that the research is a mess, and one can glean next to nothing from the studies. 8 of the 16 on the chart are inconclusive. Of those that evidence effectiveness, most are basic, and probably widely known even without research. You know, asking a question after a student read something.

I appreciate the comment, and I stand by my sense of the article and the evidence.

SF Mom of One said...

Here's the gem on the chart:
An effective strategy for helping students monitor their comprehension is...drumroll....comprehension monitoring.

Um, can someone say tautology?

I do education research in my day job. You have to glean the bad from the good, as in any field. IN my view, the good stuff is based on an understanding of the realities of schooling...and then addresses questions that people who care about children care about.

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