The Big Test Starts Today......

Today is the first of four days we in second (and 3rd, 4th, and 5th) grade will begin the high-stakes test. I must cover all the stuff on my classroom walls that might help the kids. So, I am supposed to spend all year teaching kids how to use tools, and we discuss rules of writing and mathematics; we make charts and rule sheets, and then I have to cover them up so they can't be used during the test. Makes you wonder about the efficacy of using them in the first place, no?

Anyway, just thought someone would like to know a little nugget about how we implement the test, and what ridiculousness goes into testing little 7 & 8 year olds on math, writing, science and social studies. I hope they remember how many cups to a pint!

I hate this crap! 2 hours a day for 4 days. Test. Test. Test. Test. (times 2).

And I must make sure the 3 or 4 kids that have no chance of getting more than 30% correct don't feel like shit. And I have to keep the smartie-pants' quiet when they finish in 3 minutes, and then have to sit silently for the rest of the hour. What the hell is society doing to its children (and teachers?)

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